Sparky Home Edition – Subscription – Early Access

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Sparky Home Edition – Subscription – Early Access

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Sparky “My Teddy is alive” for learning how to control breathing and for practicing a lung function test

Sparky is available as a game subscription to playfully teach very young children from the age of 3 all the breath movements needed to be able to blow a good lung function test. Various mini-games have been made that are played time and time again to become familiar with a spirometer and to learn. The game concept based on a tamagotchi provides a lot of fun and the growing personal settings ensure a smooth learning process. At Sparky, everything from every player is stored locally and is available as a report. Sparky (early access) is limited available at a greatly reduced price.

This sparky subscription gives access to the sparky game for 6 weeks. It can be extended indefinitely (until the early access period ends).

Home edition gives access to:

  • 1 player account available for the game
  • 6 weeks access to all mini-games
  • All unlockables available for 6 weeks
  • Export of game data via a PDF Report showing the progress of the player.
  • Account remains unlimited on tablet device as long as it is not deleted locally.

Why Early access?

  • Early access gives a whopping 50% discount on your subscription!
  • Provides early access and the possibility to play it now! (rather than release)

More information:

  • Subscription starts on the day of creating the child's account.
  • A Spirometer game controller is needed to be able to play Sparky, which can be borrowed from Wind Tales B.V during the Early access. (while supplies last) or purchased HERE.
  • Disposable turbines are required to play the game. These can be purchased HERE.
  • A compatible phone or tablet is required to play Sparky. Look here for more information.
  • The prices are excluding shipping costs and deposit.
  • For more information go to