The World

The story takes place in the 17th century on an alternative Earth, where people share the planet with small creatures, called ‘fuzzies’. Fuzzies are intelligent, colourful, hairy, and puffy creatures that ‘float’ or fly in the air. In this alternative universe, Fuzzies have always been around on Earth and have been domesticated by humans, like dogs in ‘the real world’. Fuzzies can understand and speak human languages and are peaceful by nature. They have their own unique personalities, shapes and colours and make a good companion for humans. No ‘wild’ fuzzies appear in the narrative.

The Characters

The protagonists Zed (male) and his sister Maria (female) are still just babies when they live in a peaceful village with their parents Peter and Anna, their grandfather Olaf and his twin brother Vlad. Both grandparents are skilled professors/engineers/inventors (mad scientists) and work together or compete against each other to create the most useful inventions.

The Story

One day, Olaf and Vlad discover the existence of a parallel universe. When they unveil their discovery to the village, no one believes that the other universe exists. Together, Olaf and Vlad create a giant portal to this universe and enter it through the portal. On the other side, they find some sort of magical white entity of energy, crystallized into a perfect sphere. Vlad is hesitant, but Olaf convinces him to bring the ‘Orb’ back to their world for testing purposes and to prove the existence of the parallel universe. After traversing back through the portal again and turning the portal off, the Orb starts glowing brightly. Olaf and Vlad are happy that they finally have proof of their discovery.