1. How does Wind Tales work?
    Wind Tales is a video game for patients with Cystic Fibrosis. The game can be played via a tablet, a supplied game controller and spirometer. Through the game the daily ACBT exercises are done in a fun and varied way. This gives the patient pleasure and the exercises are performed unconsciously and playfully. The spirometer records every breath and these are stored with the exercises. This way they can be viewed by the therapists and doctors via the dashboard and adjusted when necessary.
  2. What is Wind Tales suitable for?
    Wind Tales is made for children with Cystic Fibrosis in the age of 6 to 16 years. If your child is older or younger, please contact us to discuss. The Wind Tales development team is working on other age categories, user groups and syndromes. For questions we are available via info@windtales.net (link to email)
  3. Can my son / daughter use Wind Tales?
    If your son or daughter has Cystic Fibrosis, there is a good chance that Wind Tales is suitable. Contact us for advice via info@windtales.net (link to email)
  4. When will Wind Tales be available?
    Wind Tales will be available in the Netherlands in the near future. After this it is introduced in England and Belgium.
  5. How much will Wind Tales cost?
    Wind Tales consists of a subscription to play the game plus costs for the hardware. The prizes will be announced upon release.
  6. How can I order Wind Tales?
    Wind Tales can be ordered after release via the web shop that will be opened soon.
  7. Which accessories are available?
    Spirometer incl. Base and holder (more info will follow)
    – Tablet (further info follows)
    – Game controller (more info will follow)
    – Reusable washable flow sensor and mouthpiece for children (more info will follow)
  8. What about cleaning?
    The spirometer supplies such as the holder, the attachment and the turbine are washable for home use. Details are stated in the user manual.
  9. How do I install Wind Tales, set it up and start the game?
    Wind Tales comes pre-installed on the tablet. A brief instruction manual explains how to turn on and use the equipment. The app can then be started via the app icon. The instructions for setup of the player will then be explained via the app and the exercises are set via a short setup program. Tutorials are used to learn to play the game.
  10. What does Wind Tales do with my data?
    The players’ data is collected while playing and is stored encrypted on an approved secure database. This data will only be shared with the attending physician with permission and used completely anonymously for further research and for the further development of Wind Tales.
  11. Can I use my own tablet or iPad?
    At the moment, no planning is known when other types of computers, tablets or phones will be supported. We want to offer support for this in the long term.
  12. Is Wind Tales a product reimbursed by the insurer?
    We are in discussion with insurers to make Wind Tales eligible for reimbursement. We do studies to achieve this.
  13. Which long training courses are supported by Wind Tales?
    We currently support ACBT training.
    Part of this are:
    Relaxed breathing
    Deep breathing
    Hold your breath
    HUFF breathing
    Lung function measurement training
    PEP training, Flutter training and supporting inhalation are being developed.
  14. Is Wind Tales a medically approved product?
    Wind Tales is a class 1 medical device. The spirometer and the disposables are a class 2 approved medical device.
  15. How can I support Wind Tales?
    You can support us by donating. Send an email to info@windtales.net for more information. For investment opportunities you can contact us via info@windtales.net (insert link to email)
  16. Can I start using Wind Tales without consulting the treating physician?
    This is possible, but we advise you to do this in collaboration with the doctor or physiotherapist. Setting the right exercises, intensity and amount of load is an important part of Wind Tales and works better when this is adjusted with the treating team. The team is also able to monitor progress.
  17. Can Wind Tales be used in a hospital or department?
    Yes this is possible. Wind Tales has special subscriptions for hospitals and treatment centers. For more information, contact us via info@windtales.net (link to email)
  18. Is Wind Tales interesting for my daughter / son in the long term?
    Wind Tales is a constantly evolving product, a team of enthusiastic game developers continues to develop new content such as new levels, new adventures, storylines and new enemies. Expansions of the game are planned such as multiplayer, events, a scoring system etc. to have more challenges in the game.